Vanessa’s Final Thoughts (the good kind)

  • How was the course format?

I liked the class format. I especially liked that each week we used Challenge Banks. Since we were able to decide which of the projects we wanted to do, it gave the class a more personal touch. I think it would have been better if there was more teaching rather than just watching Lynda videos and attempting assignments. I would have liked it more knowing that there were key things I was going to learn this week, and have it explained over video rather than just a couple of sentences. I am accustomed to learning by lesson plans and following a clear lesson that is taught. I think that was lost towards the end. I have also said it before, but I didn’t realize how important face-to-face classes are to me until I had a million questions and minimal ways to have them answered. I feel better when I can have things explained and understood, rather than waiting for responses. I think possibly a video-chat office hour each week would have helped. Possibly a couple hours that students could call in if they needed anything explained or had any ideas or questions they wanted to explore.

  • How was journaling every week?

I didn’t realize I had so much to say until it was mandatory for me to say it. I always find myself wanting to do so much, and blogging, or at least keeping my ideas in one place online, was something I dreamt of doing. I consistently prioritized everything over starting a blog, until this semester. I like how comfortable and natural it is to type into a screen. I think it also helps to know that what I am writing is actually going to be read by one person, so it helps keep me motivated to pay attention to the details when I write. Writing is something I know I need to improve if I want to enter the creative field, and I think this blog has done a great job in showing me what I want to improve on and what I am good at.



  • How was writing for a public audience?

Writing for a public audience is WAY more fun than keeping your thoughts to yourself. When I write to myself I don’t take the effort to create moving pictures, since I already know what happened. It feels good to explain my story and push myself to have it written well so others can truly understand my thoughts and ideas.


  • How did you grow?

I grew a lot. It’s pretty much all summed up in my video that I created, but yes this semester pushed and pulled me to be a different girl than the one who started this class in August. I grew to be more understanding of how every piece of content made is made with a lot of thought, effort and hopes that it will be great. I used to look at crappy ads and thing how horrible the people behind it must’ve been. But now as I am one who also made a crappy commercial, I can see how it is possible. How it could’ve been a lack of communication, terrible budgets or an unexpected due date. But because of that, I know that I have to FIGHT to get better and not settle for this kinds of mistakes. That it is going to be something outside of what I know, that will make me great. So, with every assignment I loved, I learned that when it’s good, its better than good. Creating and having ideas is beyond fun and incredibly fulfilling. On the other hand, when I wasn’t proud of my work, I learned that there is a reason why people win awards. It’s not easy to have an idea come to life and flourish like you hope it will, but it is possible with the right time and the right skills, and confidence. A lot of confidence. I was pushed to make things out of my comfort zone and now since I have been exposed to a lot of different mediums, I am ready to tackle the, head on and buik=ld my creative skills.

A behind-the-scenes of my homemade stop-motion studio.

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